Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Time is It?

It’s time. Time to ascend in consciousnesses towards first, thinking about rebuilding the Temple, and then, actually doing it. And how apropos that we begin this ascension in Chesvan. To sum up the energy of the month of Chesvan in southern vernacular, “There’s thinkers and there’s doers.” Chesvan is about doing. But most deeds begin with a thought. When is the last time you thought about rebuilding the Temple?

How often do you think about and long for the Temple to be rebuilt: a) never b) occasionally c) fairly often d) often e) constantly? I'd venture to say, that most of us are in the a, b, c, or d category. And if that's the case, then we all need to increase our Temple consciousness, i.e. learning about, thinking about, and longing for the Temple. It's time for an invasion in our hearts and minds. We need to be invaded to our very core by the fact that G-d wants a Temple built on earth to house His Presence.

However, I must issue a warning. If we dare open our hearts and minds to the idea that G-d really expects a Temple to be built for Him, a nagging feeling is going to pursue us and find us. A nagging feeling that something is missing. And that “something is missing” feeling is going to create a void in our hearts and minds. Our daily lives and routines will be interrupted when we finally understand how much the world is missing because the Temple is missing. And that’s when we will pursue, I mean really pursue, the remedy for our hearts and minds; the remedy for this world. That is when we will do whatever it takes to rebuild the Temple. Immediately.

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