Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stop and Smell the Redemption

Just returned from the Temple Mount. I was in a hurry, rushing around the mount. When we reached the eastern side, facing what was once the entrance to the holy sanctuary, the 2 police who were escorting me stopped and said, "Why does everyone stop here?" I quickly explained and kept moving. They stopped me again and said, "Maybe you could stop for a moment and give us a few words of Torah about the Temple and Hanukah?

I was so ashamed of myself. When they asked the first question I should have talked their ears off. Sometimes we make judgments about people based on their appearance. Two cops with shaved heads and no kippot. I assumed that the most they wanted from me was to get me off the mountain as quickly as possible. You never know who you're talking to. You never know when a Jew's inborn thirst for Torah is going to manifest itself. May we always have a fountain of Torah at our disposal and be ready to pour it freely!

Hanuka Sameach,


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  1. Actually, giving a person who is dying of thirst too much water too soon will cause them to vomit it back out. That is how people are who do not have Torah- literally dying of thirst. When you give it drop by drop, they can absorb it and then little by little you can give them more.