Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Antidote to the U.N.

Let me say this as delicately as possible. I hate the United Nations. With a passion. My hatred stems from the fact that I'm an ardent supporter of Israel. And if you know anything about the U.N.'s bias against Israel, then my hatred hardly needs to be explained.

But, just in case you're not in the know about the U.N., here are a few examples of the asinine dealings of the U.N., not just regarding Israel, but in its non-dealings and blind eyes to real atrocities being committed around the world. And too often, the atrocities are committed by the U.N. itself:

Israel is the only country in the world that is not eligible to sit on the Security Council, the principal policymaking body of the U.N.

The U.N. has repeatedly held "Emergency Special Sessions" focusing solely on Israel. Originally conceived in 1950 for emergencies like the Korean War, Emergency Special Sessions over the past 15 years have focused only on Israel. Wars. Genocide. Suicide bombers. Yawn. No emergency. Yet, Emergency Special Sessions have been held over Jewish construction in Jerusalem.

A one-time Nazi, Austrian Kurt Waldheim served as the UN Secretary General.

Sierra Leone and Sudan, both of which have records of extreme human rights abuses, including slavery and the forced use of children as soldiers, were asked to sit on the U.N. Commission for Human Rights. Did you pause to really get that? Children. Soldiers. Countries where kids are "recruited" and guns are shoved in their hands were the replacements for the United States who was kicked off the U.N. Commission for Human Rights in May 2001. By the way, China and Saudi Arabia also sit on the Commission for Human Rights. Have I already used the word "asinine?"

During the 61st Session of the General Assembly (2006-2007), 22 anti-Israel resolutions were adopted, yet not a single resolution on Sudan's genocide in Darfur was adopted.

Iran was elected to the U.N.'s commission on women's rights. Nuff said.

United Nations peacekeepers in Ivory Coast enticed underage girls to exchange sex for food, according to a United States Embassy cable released by WikiLeaks. United Nations spokesman Michel Bonnardeaux confirmed the allegation following an investigation. And no it was not an isolated case. Sexual misconduct by U.N. troops has been reported in a number of countries including Congo, Cambodia and Haiti. One of the most horrific instances of sexual misconduct involved UN peacekeepers, the UN- hired military contractor (DynCorp), and the local police in Sarajevo where underage female sex slaves were trafficked into Sarajevo from Eastern European countries and Russa. Inhumane treatment of the girls included routine torture, gang-rape, semi-starvation, overwork, and primitive living and “working” conditions.

Goldstone Report. Asinine times infinity.

Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Ahmadineja publicly called for Israel's destruction, meaning they wanted all Jews dead; both leaders were invited to be guest speakers at the U.N. Jews wake up in the morning and breathe; all hell breaks loose at the U.N.

And now, the U.N. will hold the hands of Abbas and the Palestinians in their bid for "statehood" within the borders of Israel.

Like I said, I hate the U.N. It is the epitome of uselessness. Of hypocrisy. Of evil dressed-up in suits.

But there is good news. Very good news. I don't know if you've heard, but a replacement council is coming. A council that will put the U.N. to shame. A council that will teach the world what truth and justice really is.

Good bye U.N. Hello Sanhedrin.

Watch this video to get a sneak-peek of what is coming to the world soon. And before you call me crazy, read Isaiah 2. Not exactly how you thought things were going to happen? Things seldom happen the way we think they will happen. And in that vain maybe the posted video isn't exactly how events will work out. But I happen to think it's the closest modern-day view of what the Prophet Isaiah foresaw in chapter 2. "For from Zion will the Torah come forth," is a reference to the Sanhedrin.

Jews, do you really think Israel can solve it's problems without returning to the Torah? Christians, do you really think you can reinterpret the word "Torah" to "Law" in the writings of the Prophets and make the Torah go away? Not a chance; on both accounts.

"It will happen in the end of days: The mountain of the Temple of the God of Israel will be firmly established and exalted, and all the nations will stream to it. Many people will go and say, 'Come, let us go to the Mountain of the God of Israel and to His Temple, and He will teach us His ways and we will walk in His paths.' For from Zion will the Torah come forth and the word of God from Jerusalem. He will judge among the nations, and will settle the arguments of many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation will not lift sword against nation and they will no longer study warfare," Isaiah 2:1-4.

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  1. A friend - pen pal friend - from Tsfat, Israel suggested your blog. I really like your writing. Although, I hate what the subject matter has to be, but whole heartedly agree with what you are saying. It's a very sad state of affairs. Thank you for all you have written.