Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Ultimate Soapbox

I don’t like reading propaganda against Israel. It’s a bit hard to avoid though, as daily a barrage of propaganda makes its way into the media via people or organizations whose favorite sport seems to be Israel bashing. The U.N., Mahmoud Abbas, Jimmy Carter, the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt Mohamed Morsi, EU's Catherine Ashton, actress Emma Thompson; they, along with countless others, provide a litany of lies about Israel that the media feeds upon and then regurgitates to the masses.

Even more vexing though, is when some of the “best” Israel bashers are Jews. You know the kind I’m talking about. The ones who can’t say Israel without tagging on the phrase “brutal occupiers.” The ones who blame practically every problem in the world on the “radical right-wing settlers.” The ones who can’t speak about terrorism without a tagging a “but” as big as a double-wide onto their sentence. It’s the sick “blame the victim for getting raped” song and dance. “I hate the violence that is perpetrated against Israel, BUT __________.” And then they fill in the blank with an absurd example of moral equivalence.

I joined a dialogue on Facebook recently with one such Jewish basher of Israel. When another Jew boldly defended the sovereign rights of Jews in the Land of Israel, he immediately launched into defending and championing the rights of Arabs who according to him “have lived under the brutal occupation of Israel for 45 years.” After asking him what his favorite flavor of Kool-Aid was that he shared with his drinking buddy Jimmy Carter, I found and read some of his other posts and articles on Facebook. Oy vey! Unfortunately, since he is a writer, his propaganda is prolific.

The more I read of his postings the more my heart rate went up. I found it both peculiar and infuriating that he didn't seem compelled to label terrorists who are killing Jews as “brutal” or as “left-wing radicals.” He didn't seem compelled to address and blame Jordan or the other Arab countries who created the Arab refugee “problem” in the first place via warmongering and have used the "plight" of the Palestinians ever since as pawns in their continued quest to wipe Israel off the map. He wrote with passion and emotion (and probably with Itzhak Perlman playing in the background), as he described standing side-by-side with Arab farmers “as they gaze across the metal barriers to their former land.” (Of course he fails to mention why the metal barriers are needed.) His penchant for solidarity with Arab “victims” made me wonder if he had ever stood side-by-side with Tamar Fogel as she longingly gazed at her family’s gravesite because terrorists got through the metal barriers and brutally killed her parents and siblings.

The pinnacle of his warped view of Israel came when he wrote about the Gaza rocket fire. Part of his sentence read, “Regarding continual rocket fire from Gaza (which thankfully the army and government do not seem to want to escalate . . .)." That was the last straw. I couldn’t read anymore. Do you understand what he was saying? He was basically saying that he was thankful that Israel did not fight back. Which in his warped view wouldn’t even be deemed fighting back. No, if Israel responded to the over 10,000 rockets fired at them from Gaza, it would be an escalation. An offensive affront. Basically, Israel defending itself is a provocation.

Do you understand the ideology the Jewish basher of Israel is really deeming as the only appropriate action for Israel? To do nothing. Or even better, in the basher’s opinion, to surrender. Unfortunately, the Jewish bashers of Israel have joined the world not only in blaming Israel for most of the ills of the Arab world, but also for simply wanting to exist in their own Land. As the character in the Princess Bride was want to say, “Inconceivable!”

In some ways, the Jews have miraculously arisen after the Holocaust. But in many other ways, and who could blame them, they have remained curled in a fetal position hoping that any hatred or violence directed at them will pass. And as tragic and illogical as it sounds, the Jewish bashers of Israel are the ones kicking Israel the hardest. Kicking Israel mercilessly hard, not in hopes of awakening and prodding their brothers to get up and fight. But kicking Israel harder and harder to make them stay down.

The propaganda continuously manufactured against Israel makes me as a writer want to find a bigger and better soapbox to jump upon to defend Israel. But as my heart rate slowed and my anger lessoned after reading the Israel basher’s articles, I realized there is no soapbox big enough for me or any other defender of Israel to get on right now. Except for one. And it’s not even really a soapbox for me, a non-Jew, to get upon, yet. The Jews need to get on it first.

The biggest and only soapbox, if I dare even call it that, is the Temple Mount. It’s time for the Jews to rise up from the defensive fetal position and to ascend. Ascend the Temple Mount. And as loud, direct, and compelling of a message that would be to the world, the real message would be to Someone else. Jews ascending the Temple Mount en masse would be the boldest and loudest message to the world, counteracting the world-wide bashing of Israel. Yet at the same time, it would be the most intimate and personal message to the G-d of Israel.

A Jew ascending the Temple Mount, is a Jew who is changing the world, changing reality. Or perhaps better said, pulling back the veil and illusions of this world and saying, “Psst, this is what life is really supposed to be like.” Because a Jew ascending the Temple Mount is acknowledging that, “This is where reality began and can begin again. This is the foundation stone; the portal between Heaven and Earth. This is where my Beloved left, where everything went wrong. This is the place to make it right again. This is where I will wait for my Beloved to return and while I wait, I’ll make ready our Home.” 

Sadly, the Jewish Korach’s and the goyim Balak’s, i.e. the modern bashers of Israel, are literally fighting tooth and nail to keep the Jews out of the Land. Because if the Jews are out of the Land, the House on the Hill will never be built. And if that House is never built, everything can continue as is, which serves the powers of this world quite well. If the Jews are out of the Land then the ultimate unification between the Jews and Hashem, which will bring unification to the world, will never happen.

But alas, the plans of this world will not and are not standing. Miraculously, Jews are in the Land. So it is to those Jews whom I appeal to. Please get up. Go. Run. Ascend the Mount. Get on the most powerful soapbox in the world. Send a message to me. To the world. To Your G-d. Tell us, tell Him, that you are ready for everything to change. Tell Him that you are ready to be to your Beloved as He is to you.

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